Scholarships at eiIET

At eiIET, we commit to making quality education accessible to deserving international students in Germany from all backgrounds. We firmly believe that education is a potent instrument for catalysing positive change. This dedication is embodied in our comprehensive scholarship programme, which is designed to offer a spectrum of opportunities that inspire and support students in their quest for academic excellence. Our scholarships are a testament to the recognition and reward of your dedication, commitment, and potential, whether you're a current student seeking a scholarship in Germany or a prospective student commencing your academic journey.

Our Diverse Scholarship Offerings

The eiIET takes pride in providing a broad spectrum of scholarships in Germany to cater to our student's diverse needs and aspirations. These scholarships encompass various qualifications, including academic excellence, leadership potential, civic engagement, and specialised fields of study. Our unwavering commitment is to assist you in achieving your educational goals, whether through merit-based scholarships acknowledging outstanding academic achievement or need-based scholarships offering vital financial assistance. Our scholarships testify to our belief in your potential and our pledge to help you realise it.

Applying for Scholarships and Transforming Futures

The scholarship application process at the eiIET is straightforward, and we stand ready to guide you at every step. You can access comprehensive information about our scholarship options, eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and application procedure here. We encourage you to explore the scholarships available and seize these opportunities to chart a new course for your academic career. By investing in your future, we aim to equip you to impact the world positively and contribute to our legacy of excellence. Your goals are within reach at the eiIET, and our scholarships are here to help you attain them.

 a) Merit Scholarships

Who can apply?

Students enrolling in postgraduate and undergraduate programmes can apply for this scholarship in Germany. The scholarship is not available for diplomas or online programmes. The team will finalise the decision after evaluating all the documents you have submitted and all the grade points students have achieved in past studies.

Levels Grade Scholarship
Level - 1 70% - 89% 10%
Level - 2 above 90% 20%

b) Director's Scholarships

Who can apply?

This scholarship is introduced for the students who will achieve the highest grades throughout the bachelor's and master's courses. The student will be announced as the Best Student of the Year and will get a cash prize or fee reduction of up to 2000 euros with extra eiIET benefits.

c) eiIET Contribution Scholarships

Who can apply?

If the student wishes to study but cannot pay the full fees and needs a discount, then they are eligible for this scholarship. The students are welcome to contribute to the institution based on their skills other than studies, or they can support the daily activities of the institution.

During all of the studies, the student is allowed to take only one scholarship. If the student fails or get grades less than the eligible score immediately, the scholarship will be terminated. For any inquiries, please reach out to us at +49 30 233618552 or via email at