Campus in the Capital of Germany

We extend our warmest greetings to all international students in Germany and are delighted to welcome you into the eiIET family. Whether you are embarking on your educational journey with us for the first time or returning for another exciting year, we value your presence greatly. At the heart of the eiIET, we firmly believe that learning is a transformative experience, with you at its core. Our institution is a beam of learning, innovation, and boundless opportunities. Our unwavering commitment is to provide you with the finest education, guidance, and support to help you realise your aspirations. Please understand that your journey within our institution is not solitary; our success is intricately linked to yours.

Starting your studies and career with eiIET brings a new vision to international students who want to succeed. eiIET will stand with the international students in Germany at every step of their time with the institute. Our institute mainly focuses on a quality educational system and always tries to provide suitable facilities for our students. We are one of the best-rising business institutes in Berlin that dedicates its goal to being part of students' careers. eiIET is situated in the centre of Berlin, which is helpful to the students in travelling and exploring and will make the students' lives much more manageable. Being a student at eiIET and living in Berlin will likely be the students' most memorable and challenging phases. For full-time students at eiIET, our campus, situated at the city's heart, provides students with a focal point in their day-to-day lives.

Student Guide

At eiIET, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to your overall success and well-being. Therefore, we offer an array of comprehensive student services to facilitate your academic pursuits. Our dedicated counselling centre is here to address your emotional and mental well-being, ensuring that you have access to the necessary resources for emotional and intellectual success. Should you require academic support, our tutoring services are readily available to assist you in your studies. Our career services team can provide guidance on internships, job opportunities, and the formulation of a successful career path for international students in Germany studying at eiIET. Furthermore, our IT support team ensures that you have seamless access to the tools required for a smooth learning experience. You can rest assured that we are here to provide you with the support needed to make the most of your time at the eiIET. Your success is our paramount.