Frequently Asked Questions

Is eiIET a Public University?
No, eiIET is a German Private Institute that partners with European universities to offer reputable undergraduate and graduate programmes.
How can I apply to eiIET Institute?
You can apply online through our official website, The application process typically involves submitting an application form, academic transcripts, a statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation.
What are the admission requirements?
Admission requirements vary by programme but generally include a high school certificate or equivalent for undergraduate programmes and a bachelor's degree for postgraduate programmes. Proficiency in English or German may also be required.
Are the programmes offered by eiIET recognised?
Yes, programmes offered by eiIET is affiliated with a Polish university named Wyższa Szkoła Turystyki i Hotelarstwa w Gdańsku, WSTiH (Gdansk University of Tourism and Hotel Management).
Is there a student support service?
We offer comprehensive student support services, including academic advising, career counselling, mental health services, and tutoring.
What language are the courses taught in?
Courses are primarily taught in English.
Is there an additional fee of 100 euros for submitting my assignments?
No, according to the student contract, there will be no additional fees for submitting assignments. But in special cases, if the students fail to submit the assignment more than three times, then there will be additional fees that should be paid.
Is there any advance payment, or do I need to make a deposit?
Yes, an advance payment of 2000 euros should be made after receiving the conditional offer letter.
Where can I obtain help if I need help completing a section of the application?
Please contact us at or by phone at +49 30233618555; if you have any queries about the application form's contents or need help determining which documents to send, please contact us directly.
Is there any application/registration fee?
Yes, an application fee of 150 euros will be included in the tuition fee.
What are the total tuition fees?
The amount of tuition varies based on the programme you are enrolled in. Please visit our programmes page for more detailed information on each programme's cost.
Does eiIET have an installment plan to pay the fee?
Yes, we have installment plans. For more information about them, contact the admissions team at
Is the German language compulsory to get admission at eiIET? Or which English language test is accepted by eiIET?
No, the German language is not necessary to be admitted to eiIET. And the English tests we accept are:
  • PELT
  • PTE Academic
Please note that English proficiency requirements can be waived for:
  • Applicants who obtained their education in English (high school diploma or IB) or who are native English speakers
  • Applicants who graduated from an English-speaking nation with an undergraduate degree in the language.
Is eiIET providing accommodation for their students?
No, we are not partnered with any housing organisations, but we will assist the students in finding accommodation.
Does eiIET assist when applying for a visa?
Yes, our admissions team will assist the students throughout the application procedures and visa application.
Is there a graduation ceremony?
Yes, you will receive an invitation to the graduation ceremony in Berlin. If you are unable to attend, your certificate will be sent to you by post.
What are the intakes offered by eiIET?
Our main intakes are in January, April, August, and October. These vary depending on the programmes.
How can I contact the institute for more information?
You can contact us via email at or at +49 30233618555.
What facilities are available on campus?
Our campus includes state-of-the-art classrooms, a student lounge, a computer system, a cafeteria, and recreational areas.