The eiIET logo is a creative depiction of our institute's essence, incorporating pen tips, graduation hats, and open books to symbolise our unwavering dedication to education. The logo's central element is the name "eiIET," which encapsulates the spirit of the European Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Technology. The design pays homage to our structural influences by including buildings, and it draws inspiration from Berlin's architecture. Our logo functions as a visual narrative, encapsulating the two principles that define us: a passion for knowledge and exploration and the joy that comes with learning. Notably, the institute's name is abbreviated as eiIET, with the first two letters "ei" in lowercase representing the European Institute and the last three letters "IET" capitalised, emphasising our major focus on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Technology.

These logos can be used by the following:

  • Affiliate Partner: External individuals or entities who promote eiIET in exchange for commissions or other rewards, leveraging their own platforms and networks and enabling us to reach new audiences without the need for direct marketing efforts.
  • Recruitment Centre: A specialised department or system designed to manage the process of attracting, selecting, and onboarding qualified staff and faculty members. Those who serve as a central point for advertising job vacancies, receiving and reviewing applications, conducting interviews and assessments, and ultimately hiring individuals who align with our institution's academic goals and values.
  • Online Centre: A digital platform or hub within an organisation that provides access to a variety of online resources, tools, and services. It serves as a virtual space where users can engage with content, collaborate with peers, access training materials, and conduct various activities related to the organisation's online presence and operations.