International Student Mobility

eiIET is introducing international student mobility for students who wish to continue their studies after enrolling in another university. This programme aims to help international students complete their courses and get certified by eiIET, even if they have finished one semester at another university. 

They can also choose to do the last semester's internship programme that the eiIET provides. One vital piece of information regarding this programme is that the students should be enrolled in one of the partner universities of eiIET. 

This programme is open to all students from any university partnered with eiIET from anywhere in the world. These are the pieces of information regarding the International Mobility Programme:

  1. The enrolled university must be partnered with eiIET.
  2. First, submit the nomination to your own enrolled university.
  3. The university will decide whether you must be included in the exchange programme.
  4. Apply for eiIET after completing the nomination.
  5. For the winter semester at eiIET, you must apply from your university in the 3rd semester.
  6. For the summer semester at eiIET, you must apply from your university in the 4th semester.
  7. After thoroughly reviewing the application and determining if a seat is available for your selected exchange programme at eiIET.
  8. You will get a confirmation on the application if you are selected or not.

Documents Needed for Application

  1. Letter of Motivation (Study Plan)
  2. Academic Transcript
  3. CV
  4. Application Form

Timeline for Application

The students can take the international student mobility programme anytime after enrolling in their home university. Students must inform the authorities two weeks before, and the transfer process will start within two days. If the student wishes to join eiIET in January, the student must inform the university two weeks before.

Detailed Timeline For Nomination and Application Process

  1. Apply to your home university for an exchange with eiIET Berlin.
  2. Nomination from a partner university to participate in an exchange programme with eiIET Berlin.
  3. Choose and register for the preferred course.
  4. Apply to eiIET Berlin for the exchange programme.
  5. Receive the enrollment letter and apply for the visa if required.
  6. Receive confirmation regarding enrollment.
  7. Make the study plan at eiIET.
  8. Introductory week.
  9. The semester officially starts.

Support Team

We have a support team for the International Mobility programme to assist and advise you throughout the application process and after enrollment. You should know some important information before applying to the mobility programme. Here, we provide tips for exchange students to plan their studies at eiIET Berlin.

Course Details: Students can find all the course information on the eiIET website.

German Language Course: eiIET provides a language course along with your exchange programme if you wish to continue working in Germany.

Guidance: If you need help choosing the programme, our advisory board will help you select and understand the course in detail.

Visa Approval: Students from different countries need a visa to enter Germany. Students have to apply for a visa in advance.

Enrollment: Students should have the enrollment letter before applying for the visa. Only then will you be eligible to apply for a visa and be officially registered as an exchange student after arriving in Germany.

Anmeldung (City Registration): Students must register their address in the city registration office. There is some delay in booking the appointment, so you should book in advance.

Extension for exchange programme: In some cases, the estimated time for completion of the exchange programme needs to be increased. Then, in that case, you can apply for an extension.

Health Insurance: Health insurance is a mandatory legal requirement in Germany. Students can choose either public or private insurance.

Residence Permit: Exchange students from outside the EU or EEA nationals need a residence permit to stay in Germany for more than three months.

Re-Registration: Exchange students planning to continue their studies longer than one semester at eiIET have to re-register for each consecutive semester.

For any inquiries, please reach out to us at +49 30 233618554 or via email at