Academic partners

The University of Tourism and Hotel Management (WSTiH) was established in 1996. It is a non-public university, entered in the Register of Non-Public Universities under the number "88," REGON number 191139221. WSTiH in Gdańsk received an extension of the validity period of the business permit for an indefinite period by the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Poland, on September 22, 2010 (No. MNiSW-DNS-WUN-6013-10261-2/KT/10).

Welcome to Pearson, a global education leader since 1836, dedicated to empowering individuals through learning at home, in classrooms, and in workplaces. As the UK's largest awarding body, Pearson offers internationally recognised academic (e.g., Edexcel GCSE, A level) and vocational qualifications (e.g., BTEC, NVQ). Committed to excellence, Pearson's World Class Qualifications set a gold standard, ensuring lifelong learner success. Explore our rich qualification history and robust governance structures, guaranteeing high standards across all offerings. Discover more about Pearson's impact on education globally.

Motivated by the desire to provide Southeast Asians with affordable and easily accessible education, two creators joined forces in 2020 to start eduJournal. EduJournal meets the needs of lifelong learning by acting as a smart education marketplace. Its goal is to establish a decentralised, global training centre that provides a venue for instructors and training facilities to market, sell, and manage their curricula. It serves as a place where independent contractors can locate work, but it also serves as a diary where people can gather and share their experiences with lifelong learning.

Strategic partnership

UIZ is a technical research-based company based in Berlin with international access, approach, and support through the use of creative strategic planning and service for new technology. UIZ partnership with eiIET for technology, student job and internship placement, and associated services.

SEED is a non-profit social organisation based in Berlin. SEED partnership with eiIET for organising social and cultural seminars, workshops, and conferences at eiIET, Berlin. SEED is known as the Centre for the Environment and Society and was established to educate and accelerate efforts to protect the environment and improve the lives of people around the world. It is a non-profit organisation founded by members who are passionate about the world and seek to improve it. They believe change begins with understanding the root of the problems and working our way up to come up with solutions to solve them. A better world is possible if we all play our part. SEED focuses on creating a sustainable world where we live in harmony with nature and all have equal access to education.

Other Commercial Partners

eiIET joined hands with Yogi Foods GmbH in November 2023. Yogi Foods GmbH Importing involves bringing products or services into Germany for sale that have been made in Nepal. Grocery delivery service is their main focus, and it is delivered to customers directly to their homes or a central pickup location. 

The German Humanitarian Initiative for South Asia (SATHI) is a friendly place for the South Asian contingent. eiIET joined hands with Deutsche Humanitäre Initiativen für Süd Asien so that they can provide necessary information to the students from South Asia, which will help them to promote their living standards. It is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation community-based project. The people of South Asia and Germany found it on October 28, 2011. The main goal of the organisation is to provide necessary information and counselling about the health, social, educational, and cultural issues of South Asian migrants living in Germany. It also helps to promote different networks in different fields.

eiIET partnered with Value Nurses GmbH in 2023 to provide students with various internship programmes and help them gain knowledge in this specific field.  Value Nurses GmbH was established in Biebesheim, Germany, in 2017. This company is connected with young and old people. Their goal is to take care of the people around them again. VALUE NURSES invests in the education and training of nurses with the aim of providing you with dignified and respectful care with professional ease.

eiIET is excited to partner with Hotani Großhandel, where the students will get to know more about possible internships and jobs and also get a chance to learn about online marketing and management. This will also be a huge achievement for international students because the company is based in Berlin. Hotani Großhandel is known as an online portal for shopping for products from Germany. It works as an online store in which we can purchase all kinds of Asian cultural products.